Message from the Director

Thanks to your ever-growing support and participation, GPAC has seen dramatic rises in attendance, interest and donations over the past several seasons. With a profound sense of accomplishment and responsibility, we dream and plan for our future in this community. It is our goal to ensure that GPAC remains successful, impactful and financially healthy for years and decades to come. As Executive Director, I personally strive to be more than a good leader who has a plan; I want this community and our performing arts peers to consider us a model for what we do and how we do it. Based on your feedback and our knowledge and experience, GPAC is creating a venue outside of our walls that will allow us to entertain and educate in a setting that is comfortable, beautiful, inviting and accessible. This outdoor performance space will attract new audiences to the GPAC community and provide current patrons with an exciting new place to enjoy the excellent multidisciplinary performing arts experiences for which we are known locally and regionally. As we begin the 23rd season, we prepare to expand our reach by creating The Grove at GPAC.

Paul Chandler
Executive Director