Message from the Director

Due to the success of the last few seasons and the generosity of our donors and supporters, we have been able to increase our artistic budget to present the highest-quality season yet. As a result, advance ticket sales have increased dramatically, and we are excited to continue moving in this direction by consistently raising the bar on the standard of entertainment we present to the community.

Some of the ways GPAC raises this bar is to anticipate the needs of our community and constantly evolve to meet those needs. The next step in this evolution is to develop an additional space to continue to bring world-class entertainment and education to the Mid-South. We are collaborating with architects to design a permanent outdoor space to our north, allowing GPAC to present a larger variety of performing art in an open-air venue.

With the support of our Board of Directors and the City of Germantown, we are excited to launch a capital campaign to develop this space into a unique regional asset. This season, I challenge each of you to get involved and invest in expanding the arts and education offerings at GPAC. We have been presented with an opportunity to improve our cultural landscape, and I am confident we will all rise to the occasion.

Paul Chandler
Executive Director